Hollys Horoscope

About Hollys Horoscope nobody really knows except from she s a Sagittarius – I will try to get the right time a day – but until then – its just set for 12:00 a cloak – as the stars were standing over San Diego 03/12-1972- Celebrity Star Bios is writing she got a sun sign as well as a moon sign – well everybody does – an it don’t tell you anything except from Celebrity Star Bios can spam you until Kingdom come.


In Western astrology the twelve starsigns are based on the orbit of our Earth around the Sun - and have little connection with the stellar constellations. Aries is seen as the "first" sign of the Zodiac, as it starts at the exact moment day and night are of equal length - the Spring equinox. All the other signs are measured from this point. Signs have no manifest effect in themselves but are activated when planets or houses are placed in them.

                     The sign Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Physically it is related to the pelvis, hips and thighs. It is said to have a masculine nature, and is therefore more active in its energy expression. As a Fire sign it is connected with the identity - specifically with the search to find a deeper meaning in human existence. It is therefore connected with religious and philosophical urges. As a Mutable sign, planets placed here express there energy in a flexible and changeable manner, with a certain restlessness or inconstancy.

                      Sagittarius in characterized by a love of truth and righteousness, and an unfortunate tendency to express it rather too directly, even when not asked. There is a love of open horizons and travel and a need to expand on an inner intellectual level. There is a pronounced urge to rise above the animal nature towards the divine, and an impatience with the trivial issues  in life. A dislike of superficiality may result in intolerance for the ordinary niceties between people.